Is it compulsory to have a conveyancer for handling various matters related to Conveyancing?

You can write to us or send your comments by email or through our website. If you are concerned that something has gone wrong in our management of your case please share your views in the first instance with the member of staff with whom you have dealt. But if you wish to make a formal complaint we have a complaints procedure for you to follow, which is reproduced below. The procedure can be used by complainants, landlords, or anybody else involved in a case or who has been in contact with the Service but it cannot be used to appeal against casework decisions. click here to visit the website, Act Conveyancing Sydney

Members of staff may also refer a matter to the procedure if they consider that it would be better dealt with formally. if you want to complain about how members of the Service’s staff conducted themselves towards you, or about administrative errors you pointed out to us but we failed to address, or if we have not met our published service standards. if you want the Ombudsman to change a casework decision with which you don’t agree. If you think that we managed our casework or other processes badly by, for example, delaying things unreasonably, misplacing information. or making technical errors then please follow this formal procedure.

It is in two stages. If you are not satisfied at the first stage, you can take your complaint to the next subject to certain conditions. Write to the Ombudsman stating your reason for the complaint and providing any evidence you may have about our failure. Please quote in your letter the reference number for your case if your complaint is about casework. The Ombudsman will ask a manager who has not been involved in the casework or administration problem in question to consider your complaint.

The Ombudsman has a quasi-judicial role and his determinations are therefore final. If the manager considers that you are complaining about administrative or conduct shortcomings he or she will review the matter or incident concerned to find out if our service standards have been breached. If the manager concludes that the Service did something wrong towards you he or she will recommend to the Ombudsman what to do to put matters right, and if necessary we will amend our policies and procedures to ensure that it does not happen again. If you are not happy with the response you received at Stage 1 you may be able to take the complaint further providing.

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