Use valuation To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Property I’ve been living in a house and you know being around property in my life and it’s less volatile sighs I think I get it and when the science is very very detailed in regards to understanding consumer confident understanding human interest in human behavior and so if you want to leave great returns on the table and you’ve-talked about before if you want to leave two three four five hundred thousand dollars on the table in terms of potentials opportunity cost because you haven’t picked a great asset well the property investment is simple and easy you because you haven’t done your homework so that’s a big one for me Eric’s a really good point I’m of the view the property investing is simple but not-easy yeah I don’t know if you share the same view but I think none of the staff that you know if we talk about our four pillars our five steps the three things in terms of economic activity human behavior if we run through all of our frameworks and our principles.

They are very simple frameworks property valuer job description but I just think that human behavior gets in the way mindset paradigms the way you look at the world is are different to the way I look at the world which therefore makes it not easy and it’s not an exact science so even with the best-technology in the world and make no mistake in the equity markets that have been professors and and elite mathematicians looking to try and build algorithms that can predictively models have prices and so forth well the reality is humans are unique creatures-but you can get you can increase the probability and that’s like any GoodSearch tool should increase probability of picking the right Ireland an inside that area increases the probability of getting the right assets but it’ll never be a perfect science because it is everyone we’re doing you now so.

it’s important to note that sleep the the idea of its simple in terms of following if you follow that the frameworks that we’ve put on this podcast and if you follow those and you do the hard yards around the research you’re going to improve your chances of picking a good area and good prospect for capital growth and good income but if you just think I’ll just I’ll make it easier for myself by cutting corners you’re going to you know basically do your day remember.