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Matthew Artukovich of the City of Commerce office of Lee tells that the buyers, a group of private investors doing business as Wil-Tower LLC, paid $11.3 million for the parcel at 2900-2942 Wilshire Blvd., which is leased and occupied by Midway Car Rental. Artukovich was part of a Lee team including Mollie Dietsch and Anita Artukovich that represented the seller, Right Hero Industries USA of Taiwan, which had owned the property for 14 years.


Campbell tells that Wil-Tower LLC has not yet set a construction schedule for the development. Artukovich says that part of the construction project will involve measures to eliminate seepage of crude oil onto the property from naturally occurring oil fields in the area, which he estimates will probably add several million dollars to the cost for conveyancing legal counselors.

According to Artukovich, the condo project will target the Koreatown multifamily market, which is one of the strongest submarkets in a robust Southern California multifamily market. The development site is one of the last big pieces of land available for development in Koreatown, which has been attracting investors and developers who are renovating apartments.

GILBERT, AZ-Fairfield Residential LLC has just closed on 30.4 acres in the 1,400-acre Spectrum at Val Vista master-planned community, paying $7.7 million for enough land to hold 624 units in two projects. The San Diego-based developer plans to break ground in April on the 364-unit Azul at Spectrum and 260-unit Borrego at Spectrum, Ed McCoy, vice president of development for Fairfield Residential, tells The projects will deliver in summer 2006.

This is a great location within a very nice master-planned community with a lot of amenities, McCoy says, adding the complexes will be different from the design to the landscaping. Fairfield has carved out 17.4 acres for the Azul at Spectrum, designed with 204 one-bedroom units, 144 two-bedroom apartments and a dozen three-bedroom designs.

The balance of the land will hold the Borrego: 144 one-bedroom units, 108 two-bedroom apartments and a dozen three-bedroom layouts. Both complexes are designed with units ranging from 715 sf to 1,322 sf. Rent is projected to be more than $1 per sf. The project is in the heart of Gilbert, says Mark Forrester, a partner with Hendricks & Partners Phoenix office.

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He represented Fairfield Residential in the land acquisition while the seller was represented by Dale Willis of Willis Property Co. in Mesa. West End of Glasgow with the Waterfront Commenting on the scheme, Stannifers Douglas Smith said We have read a lot of press comment about Glasgow Harbour, an admirable concept, but one that is still some way away from becoming a reality Stannifer wants to be an important player in the revitalisation of this area.


The industrial land supply is expected to last only 15 more years. Current capitalization (cap) rates for fully leased industrial buildings range from 5% to 8%.This message itself is the first e-mail version of the new Forum newsletter prepared by the Communications Committee chaired by Rob Hawkins. Our breakfast seminar series at the Albany Club again addressed the key topics in our industry thanks to Moderators Rob Hawkins, Peter Johnston, Ross Moore, Andre Kuzmicki, Paul Morse and their esteemed group of panelists.

Our evening event organized by Mike Emory and Paul Morse at The Second City provided an excellent overview of Office Market and proved for the second year in a row that NAIOP is not just for breakfast anymore. Our annual golf tournament organized by Gary Morassutti was sold out again and together with this year’s Nike sponsorship program allowed NAIOP to make a $2,500 donation to the “Open Your Hearts for the Children” fund (c/o Scarborough Centenary Hospital).

The Education Committee chaired by Michael Pittana has been active since the beginning of the year exploring new education opportunities for members and held the first NAIOP Charrette on the “Future of Office Space” (special thanks here to Paul Brundage). arlier this year NAIOP also conducted its first member survey in over five years and a summary of the survey results have been provided later on in this newsletter.

Best conveyancing Brisbane reviews are Finally I would also like to thank the eighteen Chapter sponsors for their financial support of the Chapter and it’s many activities. Stay tuned for the fall line-up of NAIOP events. In addition to the fall breakfast seminars, Chapter events will include a suburban office bus tour, an idea exchange (road trip) and the annual recognition luncheon in December.

November 1, 2000 is the target date for the electricity market in Ontario to become deregulated, opening up a competitive supply of electricity for businesses and homes. What does this mean for real estate owners and managers? Currently, the price of electricity from your current utility is based on a fixed, pre-published rate schedule.

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Standard Supply Service for small users (under 50 kilowatts of demand) will be a fixed price, subject to Ontario Energy Board terms. For users with demand greater than 50 kilowatts, pricing will be on a spot market price pass-through, with the price varying hourly each day. Faced with purchasing options in a competitive retail market, building owners and managers can moderate price volatility and maintain or reduce current costs.


The remaining 45 per cent of your bill is for transmission and distribution (the “wires” portion), Competitive Transition Charge (Ontario Hydro’s stranded debt), administration fees and GST. Market rules – how the market will operate – are not yet established. Various utility transmission and distribution rates will gain Ontario Energy Board approval this summer.


Mark Lacey, director and head of National Agency comments, This appointment is another important step in the continued expansion of the Group Steves arrival swells the National Agency Team and provides an even greater depth of hands-on service to our national and international clients Rogers Chapman has offices in West London at Heathrow, in the Thames Valley at Bracknell and the Irish office in Dublin as well as in the West End of London.

This market brings about many challenges to consider while building your strategy. You’ll have the option to select a retailer for your electricity supply. In all cases, suppliers need a license from the Ontario Energy Board that outlines rules and guidelines for selling electricity in the marketplace. Because we have one electricity supplier currently, contracts are not required.

In the new market, contracts will need to contain detailed obligations for both the consumer and retailer. Restrictive clauses and those that give up rights will likely be eliminated. Billing Under the new rules, the pricing and rate structure for electricity will change. Simply put, you’ll be able to buy electricity from a spot or futures market with prices changing every hour to Property conveyancing lawyers in Sydney .

You’ll also be able to purchase electricity through a bilateral contract with a generator like Ontario Hydro, providing you with a fixed price. The standard billing you currently receive will become more complicated. New information systems and software will be required for retailers, distributors, utilities and generators to manage the complex billing.

A Streamlined Process Designed to Make the Process Easier

A bill verification service could become mandatory, at least for the first year. Price Volatility Minimizing price volatility is another issue facing building owners and managers. Hourly prices for peak demand periods, mid-day during the summer, will reach 10 times or more over non-peak periods. Ice changes are based on supply and demand, the cost of energy generation and external factors such as weather.



Reducing and eliminating this volatility will be a key negotiating and operational strategy as we move forward in the deregulation market. Load Profile And Consumption Rates Knowing your buildings’ load profile and how and when electricity is consumed gives you more negotiating strength with a marketer or retailer.Selecting A Retailer Once you know your building’s electricity usage – each hour for all months and seasons – selecting the retailer will be your next challenge. Since the retailer may assume responsibility for the electrons up to your meter, that cost will have to be managed,requiring retailers to have significant financial strength Top flat fee conveyancers in Adelaide.

Retailers will also need experience and expertise in procuring power, professionalism in all operating aspects and the ability to negotiate the lowest price on your behalf. Also, for building portfolios, aggregation of usage for each location during the same time periods each day will be important. Large volume profile can improve your cost of buying electricity from a retailer.

Before deregulation starts, building owners and managers should create a well-formed strategy that considers the market facts and key challenges. your building has an interval meter (electronic meter with digital pulse outputs), investigate with your utility how a monthly/hourly profile of energy usage can be received.

Obtain at least 12 months of billing information, including total kilowatt-hours (kWh) and electrical peak demand (kW), and use this to identify your building’s electricity requirements. Arrange to meet the major marketers and learn their program and services for electricity supply. Consider consulting services to ensure you obtain current and professional guidance.

Learning the market and developing your information base will help you approach your deregulation strategy proactively.Beware of entering into a procurement contract right now. Keeping these two adages in mind – buyer beware and knowledge is power – is the best way you can prepare for the electricity deregulation market in Ontario.

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The Directors announce that on 16 July 2002, Cashel Assets and Jetso Resources acquired 4 shares and 6 shares of par value US$1 each in Grand Creator BVI respectively. On the same day, Grand Creator BVI acquired all the issued shares of, inter alia, Grand Creator HK.


According to the Tender which has been formulated in the light of certain basic principles as set out in the Tender Invitation, Grand Creator HK shall pay the Mandatory Payment amounting to HK$350 million to MTRC and the Assessed Premium amounting to HK$1,276 million to MTRC who will accept the land premium offer in respect of the Development Site from the Government dated 31 May 2002 E Conveyancing Firm Melbourne.

Grand Creator HK shall pay the Mandatory Payment to MTRC on or before 17 July 2002 or on signature of the Development Agreement, whichever is the earlier. A sum of HK$127.6 million, being 10% of the Assessed Premium, shall be paid by Grand Creator HK to MTRC one day prior to the due date on 25 July 2002 as demanded by the Government in the manner prescribed in the Development Agreement.

Constitution of the board: a total of five directors, out of which two are nominated by Cashel Assets and three are nominated by Jetso Resources. Grand Creator BVI is an investment holding company. It is a joint venture entity formed by the Company and Sino Land to undertake the Hang Hau Station Development on a 40/60 basis.

On 16 July 2002, Grand Creator BVI acquired all the issued shares of, inter alia, Grand Creator HK. All the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Grand Creator BVI will be engaged for the purpose of the Hang Hau Station Development. Cashel Assets and Jetso Resources shall severally procure to make available to Grand Creator BVI such amount of working capital to undertake the Hang Hau Station Development, through Grand Creator BVIs wholly-owned subsidiaries, on a 40/60 basis.

It is intended that bank financing shall be obtained by Grand Creator HK to finance the entire construction costs of the Hang Hau Station Development. Cashel Assets share of the capital commitment in Grand Creator BVI in terms of the initial transaction of the Hang Hau Station Development will be financed by internal resources and/or bank loans made available to the Group.

Tax Depreciation Schedule cost and Property Buyers

The terms of the formation of the joint venture for the purpose of undertaking the Hang Hau Station Development have been arrived at after arms length negotiations between Cashel Assets and Jetso Resources. The transaction involving the formation of a joint venture between Cashel Assets and Jetso Resources for the purpose of undertaking the Hang Hau Station Development constitutes a connected transaction for the Company under the Listing Rules. The total capital commitment in terms of the initial transaction of the Hang Hau Station Development to be contributed by the Group comprising the Mandatory Payment and the Assessed Premium represents more than 0.03% but less than 3% of the Companys Net Tangible Assets.

In the event that Cashel Assets and/or the Company and /or any Companys wholly-owned subsidiary(ies) give any financial assistance to Grand Creator BVI in the future, the Company will comply with the relevant requirements of the Listing Rules to take into account of the amounts shared by Cashel Assets in respect of the Mandatory Payment and the Assessed Premium for the purpose of aggregating the total amount of financial assistance granted to Grand Creator BVI.

An agreement to be made between MTRC, Grand Creator HK, the Company and Sino Land whereby the parties thereto agree to carry out and complete the Hang Hau Station Development pursuant to and upon the terms and subject to the conditions thereof. Grand Creator Investment Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong on 29 October 1996 and a vehicle used for the sole purpose of submitting the Tender.

The extension property developments at the Development Site comprising: (a) six residential towers with a total gross floor area of 138,652 square meters providing a maximum of 2,134 residential units; and (b) a podium fully integrated with a public transport interchange, a retail center with a gross floor area of about 3,500 square meters and some 369 car parking spaces depreciation strategy.

Everyone will be catered for, from the novice rider to the experienced polo player.” Mr. Al Humairi continued: “The spirit of the great outdoors will be everywhere at Arabian Ranches. Chartered Surveyor Robert Paine has joined Brighton based surveyors and commercial property consultants Car and Priddle and will assist the professional services department partner Wayne Priddle.